Affordable Business Advertising

Banner advertising on OmaAds will drive local consumers to your business with greater impact, increased response, and at a much lower cost than print advertising. Our free classifieds provide a strong and steady flow of visitor traffic from throughout the region.

These little "billboards" present your product or service in brilliant color, increasing response as much as eight times over black-and-white advertising. Unlike a cold black and white image, color awakens the senses and taps into the subconscious. Viewers can perceive the warmth and richness of materials, and "taste" food from memory. See for yourself the difference color makes in these two photos. Now imagine how color can enhance the image of your products or services.


Unlike print ads, our ads are capable of INSTANT CONSUMER RESPONSE. There is nothing to write down or remember. Just one click of the mouse and the consumer is connected to your website. If you don't have a website we can link your ad to a response form that will send information requests to you by email. The exposure alone generates excellent brand awareness

Every visitor to OmaAds is a prime prospect. These visitors are actively seeking to make a purchase, or selling an item. Visitors seeking used items can be swayed towards new purchases or complementary products and services. Sellers often are upgrading an item, or have already upgraded an item and are prime prospects for complementary products and services. Other sellers are generating cash for a needed purchase, and many are simply converting clutter into "fun money" to enjoy. It is rare to find an advertising medium where the majority of consumers are ready to buy.

We are extremely flexible and committed to meeting your specific advertising needs. There is an ad size to fit any budget. Even in tough economic times, our rates are so low you simply cannot pass up this opportunity to reach local consumers. In most cases ad setup is included.

To discuss your advertising needs- Call:402-616-7213 or Request Information: HERE


13 wks $50.70
($3.90 week)

8 wks $61.40
($7.80 week)

$19.50 week

$8.70 week

$17.50 week

$17.70 week

$35.50 week

$53.30 week